Pellet Stoves & Boilers

Our company is engaged for more than three decades in steel trade and metal processing. By using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, we can achieve production of high precision and advanced detail metal parts, that are used in our final products.

Recent consumer demand for alternative energy sources apart from diesel, was the initial cause to expand our product range with wood, pellet and biofuel stoves. Already possessing the know-how and experience in production of high quality metal parts, we moved forward to design and develop modern and efficient heating units. We introduce a range of high-quality products, with certified output  for the heating needs of different sized spaces.

Hephaestus-Bio heating supply system for all wood or biofuel units.
Hephaestus-Bio heating supply system consists of solid fuel combustion unit, which can be fitted to all wood boilers produced by our company. It has the ability of burning various types of biofuels (olive cores, processed pomace wood, peach cores, pellets etc). Feeding of combustible material from the storage compartment (feeding silo) is attained by using two stainless steel screws, tailored inside a no-sewing pipe to avoid flame return. It also incorporates an electronic control unit (Italian pcb) for automatically adjustable fuel feed and air intake. It´s fully automated operation guarantees ease of use and efficiency, an easily adopted and highly economic way of heating.

Heating products range includes these models:
  • Ventilated Pellet Stove: A highly usable and economic solution. It consists of a cast iron combustion chamber and an integrated storage compartment of pellets. High durability ceramic glass at the front door. It is equipped with high tech electronic and electric parts, that ensure a silent, secure and environment-friendly operation. Automatic start and stop of operation along with the adjustable fuel feed, that gets reduced when room temperature reaches a user-set value, result in money and energy savings. Dimensions: Width 480 mm, Depth 520mm, Height 1000mm. Rated thermal input: 10kw. Max suggested space size: 100 sq.m.
  • Hephaestus-Εcopel Pellet Boiler: Pellet boilers are economic to operate, easy to use and install. The combustible material (pellet) is placed inside the storage compartment (silo) and later automatically transferred to the combustion chamber by a screw at a variable rate, according to the user-set room temperature. It is preferred for houses that have a small boiler room or lack one.
  • Hephaestus-1 Wood Boiler: Hephaestus-1 wood boiler is entirely made of steel. Combustion chamber consists of no-sewing pipes (turbo) and exhaust gases go through four different routes among two metal plates, ending to chimney. Air intake is achieved by using ventilators with custom flaps, for complete boiler impermeability. CΕ Certified. Rated thermal input: 90Kw, Dimensions: Width 700mm, Depth 1130mm, Height 1250mm. Volume 180Lt. Suggested space size up to 300 sq.m.
  • Hephaestus-2 Wood Boiler: Hephaestus-2 wood boilers are entirely made of steel. Combustion chamber consists of no-sewing pipes (turbo). Exhaust gases go through two different routes inside boiler and a dome shaped turbulence-like chamber at boiler´s upper part, ending to chimney through a no-sewing cylinder. Automatic air intake (ventilators) and electronic control panel are standards, to ensure perfect combustion. CΕ Certified. Hephaestus-2S characteristics: Rated Thermal Input 80Kw, Dimensions: Width 680mm, Depth 900mm, Height 1290mm. Volume: 165Lt. Suggested space size up to έως 270m2. Hephaestus-2L characteristics: Rated Thermal Input 100Kw. Dimensions: Width 700mm, Depth 1130mm, Height 1300mm. Volume 210Lt. Suggested space size up to 350m2.
  • Hephaestus-3 Wood Boiler: Hephaestus-3 wood boilers are entirely made of steel, using no-sewing pipes (turbo) horizontally at the combustion chamber and vertically at their center. Upper part is dome-shaped, causing exhaust gases to turbulence before exiting boiler through the chimney. Automatic air intake (ventilators) and electronic control panel are standards, to ensure perfect combustion. Hephaestus-3S characteristics: Rated Thermal Input: 90Kw. Dimensions: Width 680mm, Depth 900mm, Height 1350mm. Volume 200Lt. Suggested space size up to 300m2. Hephaestus-3L characteristics: Rated Thermal Input: 120Kw. Width: 700mm, Depth 1150mm, Height: 1550mm. Volume 310Lt. Suggested space size up to 500m2.
Apart from heating products, our company can provide biofuels, like olive cores, processed pomace wood and peach cores that are collected during production season at local canning industries.