Metal and Acrylic Roofing Sheets

At our main facilities we operate a high output trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheets production.

Our main processing line consists of an automatic roll forming machine for trapezoidal sheets production (roll forming machine of 40 meters length with 22 rows of rolls). We produce high quality trapezoidal sheets, galvanized and electrostatically painted, available at cost-competitive prices. Product quality is certified by an independent European Certification Center.

In order to provide a full range of products for building roofing and side covering, we produce all necessary metal accessories (caps and covers) and we import required parts (screws, metallic or plastic grommets) for mounting these systems.

Lately, we also import and provide transparent acrylic sheets of trapezoidal shape from "POLSER FIBRALAM" industry.

Galvanized Trapezoidal and Corrugated Metal Sheets

Trapezoidal metal sheets can produced at custom dimensions, after special order. Also, for roofing applications, they can be offered with custom coating of non-woven material, a coating that deters  condensation of water vapor and offers a partial layer of thermal insulation. Their main characteristics are:
  • Steel Quality: DX51D according to EN 10142/90 (ST 022 κατά DIN 1762/77).
  • alvanization Quality: Galvanization Ζ140 - Ζ270 (140-270 gr/m2). Galvalume, Al -Zn alloy  (Aluzinc). Galvanized sheet Ζ140 pre-painted with polyester coating of various colors.
  • Shape - Dimensions:
    • Corrugated:
    • Nominal width 800 mm
    • Usable width 760 mm
    • Length 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 mm
    • Thickness from 0,30 up to 0,50 mm
    • Trapezoidal:
    • Nominal width 960 -1040 mm
    • Usable width 920 - 1000 mm
    • Length from 2.000mm up to 6.000 mm
    • Thickness from 0,40 up to 0,50 mm
Acrylic sheets FIBRA-LAM
FIBRA-LAM transparent acrylic sheets are durable and soundproofing. They do not rust and are flexible. They are available in sheets of 4, 5 and 6 meters of 1mm thickness. They can be perfectly combined with trapezoidal metal sheets, thus reducing lighting costs of a metallic building. Their price is cost-competitive, their fixation is really easy, their use reduces overall roof weight and they offer a special aesthetics to the building. Apart from metal buildings, they can also be used in green houses, car parking, car washes and many other roofing applications.

FIBRA-LAM sheets are produced according to British standards BS 476 part 6 & 7 and French standards ΑF-NOR ΝFΡ92 - 501. Their characteristics are unchanged due to time (at least for 10 years) or weather conditions. They can be easily cleaned and they present a perfect resistance to corrosion.

Characteristics table
 Roofing metal sheet (corrugated)
 1000mm  82cm
 Metal sheet for side covering  1250mm  108cm
 Metal sheet for side covering  1000mm  81cm
 Trapezoidal sheet  1250mm  86cm
 Trapezoidal sheet  1000mm  73cm
 Metal sheet for side covering  1100mm  95cm