Building Paints

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Our company operates a modern paint production factory. Products prepared meet highest requirements, being of fine quality. Our goal is to continuously improve their quality and to offer them to competitive prices.

The full range of paint products consists of:
  • Hydrochroma: Paint with extra durability and high whiteness. It is applied to ceilings and walls. It creates excellent hygienic conditions for the underlying surface and shows high coverage. It is applied using a paintbrush or a paint roll. Packaging of 1, 5 or 15 kg.
  • Cement Paint Super: Material based on special resins. 100% acrylic. It´s use is appropriate mainly for outdoor surfaces, it shows large coverage and high endurance to all weather conditions and atmospheric pollution. It doesn´t become yellowish and it doesn´t get cracked. The surface that it is applied to gains smooth finish and can be easily cleaned. It is a paint that combines quality with economy. Surface coverage 10-12 m2/kg. Packaging of 1, 5 or 15 kg.
  • Cement Paint: Paint appropriate for internal or external use, durable, with high whiteness. It is easily applied with a paintbrush or a paint roll to plaster, bricks, wood, drywall or metal. Packaging of 1, 5 or 15 kg.
  • Antirust Paint: Substrate necessary for metallic surfaces. It shows high coverage and extra endurance to weather conditions. It can be diluted by using solvent at 10% - 20%. It is applied using paintbrush, paint roll or paint pistol. Packaging of 1 or 5 kg.
  • Nitro Solvent: Solvent appropriate for nitro paints and nitro varnishes, acrylic paints, filling primers of one or two components. Also, it can be used for cleaning tools and brushes. Packaging of 1 or 5 kg.
  • Relief: Special relief coating of extra durability and high whiteness, appropriate for indoor or outdoor surfaces, ideal for use in decorative projects. It shows extra hardness and high endurance to temperature changes. It is applied to concrete surfaces, asbestos cement or wooden particle board. It can be colorized with basic color pigments and can be used along with special painting rolls for creating decorative patterns. It is easily applied and gets quickly dried. Packaging of 5 or 15 kg.
  • Oil Paint: Enamel paint based on general use alkyd resin. It shows extra coverage and endurance, combined with high quality. It is applied on metallic or wooden surfaces, by using a paint roll, a paint pistol or paintbrush. Surface covered can be cleaned even with detergents. For use on metals, prior application of an antirust substrate is necessary. It can be diluted by using solvent at 10% - 20%. Surface coverage 10-12m2/kg. Packaging of 1 or 5 kg.
  • Emulsion Paint Super : Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. It´s application results in a  Δίνει smooth and velvet finish, with no uncovered pores. Extra durable. It can be applied to concrete surfaces, plaster surfaces, bricks, drywall, wood or metal (after application of antirust substrate). It can be mixed with pigments for a full color palette. Surface coverage 6-10 m2/kg. Packaging of 1, 5 or 15 kg.