Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Our high-quality outdoor fitness equipment are manufactured to endure all weather conditions, do not get destroyed and need minimum maintenance. They are designed to operate by using human body´s weight, thus being easy to use, avoiding user harassment or injuries. They are total safe and fulfill all European safety standards. A full range of equipment that can cover training of all groups of muscle. Their simple operation and the instructions provided make the presence of a trainer unnecessary.
They can be placed at city squares, hotels, parks, camps and other spaces of at least 10 s.m. of surface. They can be used by most people with age of 10 year old or more, since there is a special series of equipment for training of young children. They can also be used by teenagers during gymnastics course or by elders for training all groups of muscles, any time, with no cost!

Outdoor fitness equipment ensures athletes´ satisfaction by becoming a part of a pleasant environment, like a park or a garden, way better than a classic gym´s environment.

All fitness equipment is manufactured in-house, at our main facilities in Skydra. We use steel of St37 quality, which is galvanized in cold (electrolytically) and then electrostatically painted. Our customers can choose the color of their choice (RAL), from a 20 hues list. Moving parts are processed with a CNC lathe and have high precision inner bearing, keeping wear to minimum for a least a ten-year period, while exposed in outdoor weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, sun, dust etc).

Finish (welding etc) of all constructions is really sophisticated, thus being user-friendly, especially for small infants.