Cutting-edge technology, modern facilities and innovative products of our company, offer us the ability to satisfy our customers' demands, with respect and responsibility.

Kamarakis S.A., using three distribution centers in Skydra, Veroia and New Zoi Pellas, can fulfil supply demands of a large group of customers (almost 2.000 professionals and companies) in all steel related sectors. Below, we cite an indicative list of professionals that make up our customers.

  • Trade of Steel & Building materials
  • Engineering Firm
  • Steel construction companies
  • Manufacturers of:
    • Professional refrigerators
    • Air ventilation ducts
    • Boilers
    • Lift elevators
    • Vehicle bodywork
    • Greenhouses
    • Drilling equipment
    • Tanks
    • Metal shelves
    • Lighting columns
    • Drywall constructions
    • Agricultural machinery
    • Metal furniture
    • Traditional railings

Some of our Customers

  • Kleemann
  • Alpha Estate
  • DelMonte
    Canning industry
  • Pavlides Group
    Canning industry
  • Metaxiotis
    Building materials
  • Klefer
    Automatic doors for lifts
  • Verpan Panels
    Panels Construction Corporation
  • CleanPower Engineering
    Renewable energy sources
  • Soulis S.A.
    Packaging for fruit and vegetables
  • Escarcom
    Processing of snails, fruits and vegetables
  • Venus Growers
    Fresh and processed fruit
  • Agrifreda
    Food processing and marketing
  • Conex S.A.
    Canning industry
  • BioSolids
    Soil improvers and compost production
  • Velko Metal
    Metallic buildings
  • Alexander Canning
    Canning industry
  • Neda
    Photovoltaic systems
  • Big Solar
    Photovoltaic systems
  • Silgan
    Food packaging products
  • EAS Giannitson
    Agricultural partnership