Olive Mill

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Our Olive Mill features modern technology olive processing machinery, producing high quality olive oil, extra virgin and pure, preserving mother nature´s original nutritional value.

Olive Oil Categories
  • Extra virgin olive oil with acidity less than 0,8%, the type of oil that people should prefer for nutrition needs.
  • Virgin olive oil with acidity less than 1,8%.
  • Mix of refined olive oil with a small part of virgin olive oil.
  • Organic olive oil from olive fields where no chemical fertilizers are being used.
Our state-of-the-art machinery makes us the leader in the local area. All processing machines for olive oil extraction meet latest standards and are made from stainless steel. Final extracted oil is of the finest quality, with no added chemicals or foreign substances.
The process of olive oil extraction can be watched by visiting groups of people, like schools or associations. For more information and available visiting dates, please contact us by email or phone.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is considered the finest between all vegetal oils. Virgin olive olive is extracted from olives by using solely mechanical methods. In other words, it is olive´s natural juice, that has not been chemically processed, a process that you result in it´s quality degradation. It is the only oil that is consumed at it´s original physical condition.

Olive oil and human health
Today, no one can challenge the olive oil nutrition value and it´s positive effect to human health. It is not an exaggeration to say that is stands as an elixir for good health and long life, thus being in the top ten list of most beneficial types of food.

Scientific research has proven beyond any doubt that olive oil consumption contributes in heart attack prevention and cholesterol reduction. Also, olive oil helps in smooth nervous system development and in proper intestinal system operation. One of it´s ingredient, chlorophyll, improves metabolism, stimulates human cells growth and facilitates blood formation.

Numbers about Olive oil
  • In Greece, more than 132.000.000 olive trees are being cultivated.
  • Almost 500.000 farming families are occupied in olive trees cultivation.
  • Production of Greek olive oil makes up the 19% of the global production, placing Greece in third position, after Spain and Italy.
  • Olive oil consumption per year in Greece reaches 190.000 tons, which is the largest consumption per person globally.