Wire Netting

Picture of Wire Netting sector  
Our company operates three modern machines for chain link wire meshing production. Each machine has the ability to produce wire meshes of different gap (5Χ5 cm - 5,5X5,5 cm - 6,5X6,5 cm), thus making overall production to be accurate, quick and precise. Height of wire mesh can vary from 1 m and up to 4 m, with thickness from 1,8 mm to 3,4 mm.

Being importers of raw materials (galvanized wire) gives us a competitive cost advantage. Wire being used for mesh production is also suitable for agricultural use (palmette).

We also operate cutting and punching machinery for production of fence pickets. Pickets, produced from angled-shaped metal, can have dimensions from 25x25x3 and up to 60x60x6 with perforation.

Overall, we can supply our customers with all the necessary elements of a complete fencing solution (wire netting - fence pickets - barbed wire - galvanized wire).

Fence pickets from Steel angles
Ability to produce pickets at any needed dimension from steel angles, pipes or girders. Moreover, pickets produced from galvanized or black pipe, have dimensions Φ48 or Φ60 and come with a special triangle foot at the bottom. Finally, we can produce PVC coated wire netting and electrostatically painted steel angled pickets, after special order.

Wire Mesh Characteristics Pattern 5,5 Χ 5,5mm
Wire Thickness
Mesh HeightCoil Weight
Coil Length
13 (2,00mm)1,00 m25,0025 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,20 m30,0025 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,50 m37,5025 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,80 m45,0025 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,00 m28,0025 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,20 m33,6025 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,50 m42,0025 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,80 m50,4025 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)2,00 m56,0025 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,00 m26,7020 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,20 m32,0420 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,50 m40,0520 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,80 m48,0620 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)2,00 m53,4020 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,00 m26,4015 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,20 m31,6815 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,50 m39,6015 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,80 m47,5215 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)2,00 m52,8015 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)2,50 m44,0010 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)3,00 m52,8010 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,00 m32,4015 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,20 m38,8815 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,50 m48,6015 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,80 m58,3215 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)2,00 m43,2010 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)2,50 m54,0010 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)3,00 m64,8010 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,00 m29,0010 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,20 m34,8010 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,50 m43,5010 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,80 m52,2010 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)2,00 m58,0010 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)2,50 m72,5010 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)3,00 m43,505 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)3,50 m50,755 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)4,00 m58,005 m/coil
Wire Mesh Characteristics Pattern 5,0 Χ 5,0mm
Wire ThicknessMesh HeightCoil WeightCoil Length
13 (2,00mm)1,00 m2625 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,20 m31,225 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,50 m3925 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,80 m46,825 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,00 m30,7525 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,20 m36,925 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,50 m46,1325 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,80 m55,3525 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)2,00 m61,525 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,00 m28,820 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,20 m34,5620 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,50 m43,220 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)1,80 m51,8420 m/coil
15 (2,40mm)2,00 m57,620 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,00 m28,0515 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,20 m33,6615 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,50 m42,0815 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)1,80 m50,4915 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)2,00 m56,115 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)2,50 m46,7510 m/coil
16 (2,70mm)3,00 m56,110 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,00 m34,0515 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,20 m40,8615 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,50 m51,0815 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)1,80 m61,2915 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)2,00 m45,410 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)2,50 m56,7510 m/coil
17 (3,00mm)3,00 m68,110 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,00 m3110 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,20 m37,210 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,50 m46,510 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)1,80 m55,810 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)2,00 m6210 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)2,50 m77,510 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)3,00 m46,55 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)3,50 m54,255 m/coil
18 (3,40mm)4,00 m625 m/coil
Wire Mesh Characteristics Pattern 6,5 Χ 6,5mm
Wire ThicknessMesh Height
Coil WeightCoil Length
13 (2,00mm)1,00 m19,3825 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,20 m23,2525 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,50 m29,0625 m/coil
13 (2,00mm)1,80 m34,8825 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,00 m22,7525 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,20 m27,325 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,50 m34,1325 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)1,80 m40,9525 m/coil
14 (2,20mm)2,00 m45,525 m/coil
Straight pickets with holes
30Χ31,5 m
35Χ32 m
40Χ32 m
40Χ42 m
40Χ42,5 m
Galvanized Pickets
Picket Type
Picket Φ48 Χ22 m
Picket Φ60 Χ22 m