Steel Anchors and Plates

Our intention is to provide our customers with all the necessary parts for constructional purposes. In order to satisfy these demands, we produce specialized metal parts for construction of buildings, factories, shelters etc, stocked and ready to be delivered.

We produce high quality steel anchors and plates, metal parts that comply with well-established standards.

They can be custom-made at any dimension, thickness or other specific parameter needed by your constructional demands. Cutting is done by using pantograph and laser-cutting machinery, a process that ensures fixed dimensions and high quality production, thus making easy and trouble-free their use in constructional applications.

For manufacturing οφ steel anchors, our company operates a specialized Italian-made machine. It´s advanced technology ensures high production quality, dimensions accuracy and quick delivery to our customers.

As mentioned, apart from dimensions included in the table below, we can produce steel plates and anchors at any needed dimension.

Dimensions  Dimensions
 100x100x6  200x300x15  M20x750mm
 120x120x6  350x450x18  M22x750mm
 150x150x6  300x400x18  M24x850mm
 175x175x6    M27x850mm
 200x200x6    M24x1000mm
 250x250x6    M27x1000mm
 100x100x10    M24x1200mm
 120x120x10    M27x1200mm
 150x150x10    M30x850mm
 175x175x10    M30x1000mm
 200x200x10    M30x1200mm