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    Industrial Steel Processing
    Vertically Integrated Steel Service Center
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    Investments in
    Laser Cutting of Metals
    Electrostatic Paint Oven
    Fully Equiped Turnery
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    Large Scale Industrial Machinery.

Kamarakis company was founded in 1977 at Skydra, Central Macedonia Greece. Our company, currently employing more than 50 workers and high skilled professionals, operates in modern industrial self-owned facilities of total building surface of 20.000 m2 and a total surface coverage of 55.000 m2.

Cutting-edge technology, modern facilities and innovative products of our company, offer us the ability to satisfy our customers' demands, with respect and responsibility.


Examples of implemented projects.

Digital Catalogs

Detailed information of Kamarakis products and services.

Technological Superiority


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