Reversible Cage Pallets for Wine Bottles

Picture of Reversible Cage Pallets for Wine Bottles sector  

Use of reversible cage pallets offers many advantages to modern wineries:
  • Maximum exploitation of winery space, with overall space saving up to 25%.
  • Reduced employee costs by reducing time and effort to store wine bottles.
  • Eliminates accumulation of  upright bottles after capping process.
  • Most parts of winery facilities can be visited.
  • Reversible cage pallets allow for proper placing of bottles, in a way that preserves cork properties and it´s overall effect to fermentation process. Also, reversible cage pallets can be placed at a position that minimizes leaks, thus preserving wine quality.
  • No extra maintenance costs.
  • Excellent value for money factor.
  • Reversible cage pallets allow to easily classification of bottles based on grape type.
  • Bottles are protected from accidental breakages.

Cage Pallets Characteristics:

  • Capacity of 360 bottles of  0,75lt volume (diameter 75,9mm).
  • All kinds of wine bottles can be placed inside, in 3 levels of maximum height 330mm.
  • They can be stacked, with endurance to bottles weight up to 1ΤN per pallet, with no deformation.
  • Also suitable for bottles of 0,375 lt and 0,50 lt, with more inner levels than the standard three levels.
  • Being reversible, they can be placed in proper way to keep wine bottles in horizontal position, necessary for wine aging.
  • By using a fork machine they are placed inside the cages over turner (extra equipment) at the upright position and can be manually reversed to desired position.
  • Suitable for placing conical bottles with the use of simple metallic rods.
  • Equipped with two inner grates that keep bottles apart and a third one being the upper level,  holding with safety third level bottle necks.
  • They are resistant to corrosion due to the special electrostatic paint applied and the extra galvanization processing.
  • Highly mechanical-durable construction, with many joints between rods guarantee no deformation at reverse process.
  • Join of discrete parts is achieved by using MΙG welding, a high reliable process that offers homogeneity and high resistance to stresses present during loading and reversing.
  • Delivered ready-to-use.
  • Inert to odors, fungus and bacteria.
  • Front door with an integrated safety mechanism for easy access to all levels.
  • They bare special handles for easy and safe handling. These handles also used as a consolidation mechanism when pallets are placed inline.
  • They ease bottles cleanness.
  • They are suitable for storing more than 200 types of bottles (0,75 lt volume). This can be achieved easily by changing only the outer grate that holds the bottle necks.
  • Net weight is 80 kg.
  • Reversible cage pallets comply with the following standards: ΕΝ 12100, ΕC1, EC3, EAK2003, according to European instructions 2006/42ΕΚ.
  • For pallets production, our company has developed a Quality Management System that complies to requirements ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008.
  • Outer dimensions: 1,215m (width), 1,15m (height), 1,135m (depth). Inner dimensions: 1,12m (width), 0,98m (height), 0,94m (depth).
  • Made from recyclable materials.